Operation Shower Sunshine Safari – Dessert Station

I HAD to make a separate post for the dessert station we designed for Operation Shower. There are so many details and fabulous desserts and let’s face it…I love sweets! Sunshine Safari quickly became one of my top favorite dessert stations for many reasons.

When I design tables for charity events, we encourage local vendors to donate their specialty items as part of the overall display. It’s a great way to showcase some amazing talent and I get to meet and try new treats! As part of the design challenge, I really wanted to showcase the adorable printable party set that Paper & Cake designed and play off the colors and patterns. I LOVE the flavor tags, arrow signs and all the fun she incorporated into the design. It really brought this collection to life. It’s important with a bright color palette to make sure the table doesn’t get too over saturated and crazy, or nothing will stand out. That being said, I instantly knew the background and general decor for the tablescape needed to be more neutral and reminiscent of the natural colors found while on safari. I took a more literal approach to the challenge and wanted the animals to be the art and the desserts the focal point.

I always start with the backdrop and basic table design first to give a base for the rest of the table. I draped large sheets of burlap and an old fishing net over a metal photographers backdrop frame. Thank goodness my husband, The Pixel Studio, was there for set up b/c placing the leaves just right proved to be a two man job. Carolyn Horton Events loaned me her bag full of greenery and I used a lot of it to frame the backdrop on each side. I think the green created a nice, natural frame and reminded me of a real safari tent!

Then the fun part! When I was told that Pottery Barn Kids was allotting each designer $250 of product toward their table design I about flipped. I am obsessed with Pottery Barn Kids and spent quite a long time trying to decide what to use. There were so many perfect pieces! When I saw the Zebra and Giraffe Explorer Canvas Art I just knew they’d be perfect hanging from the backdrop. It really tied everything together and provided the subtle color I wanted. I’m not gonna lie…I wanted to change my daughters room to safari after seeing these. They also come in this pink and gray Hippo and Giraffe Canvas.

When I think safari, I think old trunks, luggage and treasure. I was thrilled when Found Vintage Rentals let me raid their warehouse in search of the perfect pieces. This is where my vision really started coming to life. My concept for the table was that an explorer on safari had come across various animals and plants and wanted to take them home to show his kids. The desserts are miniturized versions of all his wild findings. Showcased on crates, in drawers, on trunks and old tool boxes I absolutely loved how perfect the pieces from Found Vintage Rentals proved to be. I also used their globe and lantern…a safari must have. I get so giddy when I get to use “prop” pieces in a design. I really think they add texture, height and depth in all the right places.

Now on to the desserts! When working with many different vendors, it’s almost like having lots of different designers come together under one roof. Part of the design challenge for me, was making sure everything was cohesive and didn’t get too eclectic. I knew that the desserts should be the focal point (of course) and that each donating vendor should stand out in their own way. Knowing this, I decided it would be best to choose an animal and color for each dessert. This is a great way to have each treat showcased in it’s own light without them all looking to similar. I could not have been more ecstatic about how each dessert told it’s own story.

First up, the cupcakes! I chose bright pink as a main base color that would start to highlight the Paper & Cake designs and spray painted floral boxes to use as the cupcake stands. Floral boxes are a cheap and easy way to create height. Because they come in wood color, you can easily paint or spray paint them any color you want! I wrapped some orange yarn around the boxes to give them some subtle texture. The lovely JennyWenny Cakes donated the cupcakes for this event and let me tell you, they were delicious! I am a huge banana fan but it has to be done just right when it comes to desserts. She made the most amazing banana chocolate chip cupcakes. AMAZING! She also made chocolate with caramel and vanilla buttercream cupcakes. A big favorite. Her animal was the blue elephant. JennyWenny Cakes created the fondant toppers with suns and elephants and they were sheer perfection. I love to watch people bite into cupcakes and these produced instant smiles and had eyes lighting up.

Next up, a treat that is quickly becoming a new dessert trend. Meringue Bake Shop created the PushCake long before it became popular and she is truly an expert in this area. The PushCake is layered cake and frosting in just the right amounts. Served in a push pop container reminiscent of the ice cream treat I enjoyed as a kid, these are easy to eat and are full of flavor. She created her own display trays which provide the perfect stability and spacing between pops. Her popular Orange Crush and Chocolate Vanilla were enjoyed by all. For most, this was their first encounter with a  PushCake and they were “ooohing and aaaahing” over how cute, fun and tasty they were. She incorporated the zebra designs from Paper & Cake on each PushCake too! Cute! If you live in the Orange County area, Meringue Bake Shop sells her confections at local farmer’s markets and takes orders daily.

Salted caramel. I’m going to let you salivate over those words. I believe salted caramel is the flavor of the year. I am obsessed and in love with this perfect blend of sweet and salty and have a whole slew of recipes involving these two ingredients that I cannot wait to use. Caramels to me are a delicacy. I relate them to my great grandmother who always had one in her mouth. I never thought I’d be so in love with them myself. To find a really good…I mean REALLY good caramel is a challenge. Once you’ve had one though, your life will be changed forever. When Firefly Confections sent several pounds of their handmade, hand wrapped caramels, I eye balled them for hours. I finally gave in and tried one (hey…a girl has to taste test!) Heaven. Pure, salted heaven in a caramel. The perfect texture, consistency, and flavor. HEAVEN! I had to hide the rest b/c they are so addicting! These caramels were such a treat and I saw many guests stuffing handfuls into their pockets for later. I placed them in the drawers of a Found Vintage Rental find like the little, bite size treasures that they are. Now I know why grandma always had one. ADDICTING!! Firefly Confections make an array of sweet treats. You MUST order some caramels.

The Marshmallow Studio. If you haven’t heard this name, you’ve been under a rock. The Marshmallow Studio has revolutionized marshmallow treats, creating some of the most detailed, edible party favors in any theme or character imaginable. Alejandra was kind enough to spend the whole day helping with set up and she is just as sweet as her mallow creations. I instantly knew she had to have the flamingo. What she created was beyond what I had ever envisioned. These adorable, pink flamingos are completely edible! I placed them in an old tool box with styrofoam and blue tissue paper. They were wading in an oasis waiting to go home with each guest! I lost count at how many people could not believe they were made of marshmallow. AMAZING! So, so cute and fun. I’m a huge fan. She also hosts classes so check out her website for more info.

I love seeing something unique in the industry and when I went onto The Sweetest Affair’s website I was quickly intrigued. They specialize in handmade lollipop bouquets and custom flower favors. These creations are truly works of edible art. You must head over to her site and check out all the gorgeous displays. She took the patterned paper from Paper & Cakes designs and turned them into beautiful petals for each custom lollipop flower. Not only were these displayed on the dessert station, they were found in vases throughout the shower and definitely caught everyone’s eye. They provided the perfect edible floral bouquets for this safari and I cannot wait to place an order with her for future events. LOVE THEM!

You can’t have a safari without binoculars and safari hats! Allyson Jane has been donating to Operation Shower for many many events and I have been dying to see her creations in person. She designed these fun cookies that made their debut on a bed of grass. They were the perfect size and tasted so good! Sometimes decorated cookies don’t taste that great and it’s all about the design. These were such a sweet surprise as they tasted DELICIOUS and looked perfect. Allyson Jane is a true artist and these cookies disappeared in the blink of an eye! Check out he website for photos of her fabulous confections.

I wanted each mom to go home with a safari animal so we cut out Paper & cake characters and make chocolate pretzel favor bags for all the guests. The palette that they are hanging on was found by a dumpster. No joke! I saw it and instantly knew they’d make the perfect display. I attached each bag with a clothespin and propped it on against the table on some vintage trunks. How easy is that?!?

Bring on the monkeys!! A Twist of Cake is a cake pop genius. I am in awe of what she can make out of a cake pop! For baby showers, she makes characters or shapes into baby rattles. For reals!! I knew she had to have the monkeys. How cute are they?!? I check her Facebook page daily for new designs. If you dream it, she can make it! These pops were red velvet and so scrumptious. I saw moms taking two or three as they couldn’t believe it was cake under there! I used flower vases for the display vessels. I wrapped pink and orange yarn and added some of the patterned paper to the tops, filled them with lemon heads and stuck the pops in. They had their own, bright trees and looked so cute on display. A Twist of Cake also gives classes and is constantly creating new characters.

I know you’re all dying to know about the cake. It shouldn’t even be called a cake. It should be called an edible masterpiece. I have been a huge fan of Hey There, Cupcake! for a  long time and had the pleasure of meeting Stevi at the Hostess with the Mostess launch party where designed an insane Alice inspired creation. When I was told she was donating a cake for Operation Shower, I couldn’t have been more excited. I knew it had to be the centerpiece for the whole station and set aside the perfect crates to display it one. Every single detail was edible. From the flowers made of rice paper and fondant to the edible chevron design and the rice krispie elephant. That elephant was amazingly sculpted and dusted with edible disco glitter. Hey There, Cupcake! did such an amazing job of incorporating the colors and feel of the table into her cake. It could not have been more perfect and people were snapping photos left and right. And guess what…it was chocolate salted caramel flavored. GET OUT! I could live off the frosting/filling alone. I still can’t stop staring at it. LOVE!

And now, I will leave you with this funny flamingo that I couldn’t resist placing on the table. He was a white elephant gift that I won. My dad found him at a thrift store and he’s full of personality.

A special, HUGE thank you to the photographers at Operations Shower. Nicole Benitez Photography and Jackie Culmer Photography captured all the sweet moments. The Pixel Studio provided some detailed shots as well.

Please help Operation Shower continue their amazing work by donating or gifting items from their Amazon wishlist. These showers make such a huge, positive influence on the families that they support.

Paris Part 1

Back in February, we had the pleasure of designing Paris inspired dessert stations for a very sweet 10-year old’s birthday. This party was recently featured on Hostess with the Mostess! Please visit the post here for design details, tips and tricks! We decided to break this up into 2 posts full of detailed photos and fun!

This post will feature the cake station. We wanted there to be a separate place for the big “Happy Birthday” moment, and set up a cake station inside the house. A whimsical tulle backdrop and hanging eiffel tower medallions created the perfect backdrop for the vintage dresser. We used custom, hand painted hat boxes to display each mini cake. Each guest took home a paper shoe favor boxes, custom popcorn cone and hat box. When it was time to sing, the birthday girl and her guests gathered around the vintage dresser for a big surprise. Each guest found their special cake and were completely immersed in the festivities.

We worked with the talented Vanilla Bake Shop on these cakes. From the initial sketch, to the final product, I am always impressed with the intricate detailing that goes into each. The girls were thrilled!

– Styling, styling and some desserts: Sweets Indeed
– Photography: The Pixel Studio
– Cakes, mini cupcakes, french macarons: Vanilla Bake Shop
– Shoe Favors: A Precious Memory
– Medallions and Popcorn Cones: Little Pumpkin Paper
– Vintage Dresser: Found Vintage Rentals

Operation Sunshine Farms

What an honor to be part of something so precious! I grew up with such appreciation and admiration for our military men and women. These courageous people make daily sacrifices beyond any that the average American can fathom. I always joked that I would never date a military man because I just wasn’t the type that could handle the distance and worry. To that, I am impressed with the poise and strength that these women carry as they go through the most monumental moments of their life. For those of you that are moms, you know the journey one goes through during pregnancy, birth and the joyous lack of sleep that comes along with having a newborn. Now imagine doing all that without your spouse there for all or part of that journey AND worrying if he’ll come home. I couldn’t imagine and to that…I give HUGE props. THANK YOU for all that you do. THANK YOU!

The above is just one of the reasons why I loved bringing some sweetness to this adorable baby shower. I believe in what organizations like Operation Shower and March of Dimes are doing and the people behind the scenes are phenomenal people. This particular shower was held at the Torrey Pines Golf Course during the Farmers Insurance Open. The setting…stunning. The staff associated with each one of these organizations…top notch.

Photography by: Widyn Photography Taken from the Operation Shower Blog.

The remaining photos were shot and edited by: The Pixel Studio

I had donated Sweet Skewers to Operation Shower before and when the lovely Amy from Stem Parties said they were coming to San Diego, I knew I wanted to be there and do more.

To top it off, the amazingly talented Jen of Hostess with the Mostess would be creating the branding and decor for the event, and Heavenly Blooms was providing beautiful floral arrangements. What a dream team! When I first received an idea board and the beginning drafts of the “paper goods” from Jen, I was blown away. She just gets it! This made our “job” easier as we used all of her creations and morphed them into items for the Sweet Station. I have to say this again…it was such a  fun project!! I even got to meet Paper and Cake who so graciously volunteered and posted about the event here. There were so many fabulous people!

There were so many talented, creative, giving people behind this event and to say it warmed my heart watching all the volunteers, is really an understatement. Here is THE WHAT, THE HOW, and THE WHY behind this event. Please visit the Stem Parties blog for a recap as well. Here and Here.  You don’t want to miss anything!!!

On our end, we would not be able to give back without the donations we receive from some SUPER sweet vendors. We love these people tremendously and were blown away by THEIR willingness to give.

When I knew the theme was Sunshine Farms, I instantly thought…we HAVE to see if we can get our hand on some prop pieces from Found Vintage Rentals. I am in LOVE with Found as they have a plethora of amazing pieces that can be used for any theme. Having the right add-on’s truly take any design over the top. They were extremely generous to donate not only the pieces for the dessert station, but tables for the spread provided by Whole Foods, pails and chalkboards used as decor, and lots of additional items that you just HAVE to have when throwing a farm party.  It would not have been the same without their collection and we are truly grateful. My favorite part? The vintage wine rack which we used to place custom popcorn cones in. I cannot wait to use this again! Thank you Found Vintage Rentals!!!

Now on to the desserts!  Vanilla Bake Shop and their delicious Southern Banana Pudding dessert shots were a huge hit. You haven’t had banana pudding the way they do it and it is SO GOOD and SO addicting! They generously donated all the dessert shots to this event and I loved watching the guests take their first bite. Many people haven’t seen dessert shots yet and let me tell you..I saw some with 2-3 in their hands. It’s safe to say, they LOVED them. Vanilla Bake Shop is local to Santa Monica. You can stop by and enjoy everything from specialty cakes and cupcakes to french macarons. Thank you Vanilla Bake Shop!!!

My latest indulgence is fudge. When it comes to fudge, no one makes it quite like Jewel Of The Lion. She ships nationwide and has a huge assortment of gourmet flavors. She donated my absolute favorite flavor, strawberry cheesecake, and they were perfect! We placed little flag toppers in each one and displayed them in pie tins. It was a challenge to not allow someone to walk away with the whole tin full! Thank you Jewel Of The Lion!!!

Pies. I have a feeling pies are going to be “the thing” this year. Last year we had a craze of cake pops and this year…pies take the cake. I was introduced to a true gem in Porch Pies. I had never had a buttermilk pie before and OH MY GOODNESS I am sold. Porch pies not only donated mini buttermilk and chocolate pies, they provided our take home gifts for each mommy-to-be as well. They were a huge hit and so, so yummy. Thank you Porch Pies!!!

I always have to have a “mascot” for our tables. I tend to sneak in a butterfly, or some other little creature and this adorable, adorable cow stole my heart. She just warmed the table and made me smile each time I saw her. Half Baked Co. are the masterminds behind mouthwatering gluten free cakes, cutie cakes and more. You’re in luck because they deliver locally in Los Angeles and ship nationwide! Due to a mishap along the way, the full cake didn’t make it onto the table BUT the detailing and time they put into our little mascot did not go unnoticed. She was quite the talk of the table. Thank you Half Baked Co.!!!

What’s a dessert station without some yummy cupcakes? Nothing! We love HeavenScent Cakes. She created the stunning purple lace cake for our Halloween station and is a local favorite. There are a lot of cupcakeries and we are extremely picky. Her flavors, ingredients, and talent make her stand out. They are always perfectly moist, and extremely tasty. Pure perfection in a cupcake. HeavenScent Cakes generously donated all of the mini cupcakes and there was not a single one left. We topped each one with their own little animal buddy and placed them in egg cartons. This is my new favorite way to display cupcakes. You are truly Heaven Scent!!!

Last but not least…how cute are those cookies?!? Rizza Raglin, a pastry chef in San Diego must have been up for days hand piping each cookie to match the overall look and feel of the event. Not only were they detailed and so cute…they were the perfect sugar cookie. Sweet and soft down to the last bite. Rizza individually packaged each cookie so that guests could take them home as well. I’m not sure if any made it past the shower because people were grabbing handfuls. DELISH!!! Thank you Rizza!!!

There were so many details to this event that I loved and it was so precious seeing the newborn babies and pregger moms being showered with love and gifts. If you would like to donate to this amazing organization, please go to Operation Shower If you are interested in donating sweets as part of a future Sweet Station styled by Sweets Indeed, please contact info@sweetsindeed.com We will continue to work with Operation Shower on future events.

Love at First Bite

We love the holiday season and the fact that Halloween is the beginning of all the festive fun!

For this shoot, we wanted to create something that didn’t necessarily scream Halloween but had a subtle creepiness to it. We drew inspiration from the Victorian era and tapped into our inner haunted mansion.

We had the pleasure of using some fabulous pieces from Found Vintage Rentals. The wrought iron gate reminded me of European architecture and the side table, chair, picture frame, urn, and typewriter provided the perfect props for our escort card table. It’s amazing what some vintage props can do. Gorgeous and timeless.

After handcrafting our black lace backdrop and dessert stands, we decided on desserts for the more mature palette and made creme brulee in chocolate dishes, tiramisu, lavender ginger cookies, decorated lemon sugar cookies, monster-tini’s and an assortment of candy take away treats. The two-tiered cake was made by Rebecca Lehman of Heavenscent Cakes and became a focal point for the Sweet Station. We loved the intricate detailing and the perfect color match!

We designed and created all of the paper goods as part of the overall look of this station. Our custom dessert stations come with many of these unique items that we create specifically for your event. The favor boxes, mini treat cups, candy bar wrappers, and flavor tags were a lot of fun to make. Fabulous scrapbook paper, brads, and decorative items help complete the look. We even adorned the center of our candy bar wrappers with a sticker from the Martha Stewart Halloween collection. The coffin candy cases are from her collection as well and can be found at Michael’s.

On the side table set up, we crafted decorative masks and mustaches for the guests to disguise their true goulish identities with. Butterfly and licorice pipe place cards helped them find their seats, and they could leave their wedding wishes for the bride and groom. The custom invitation was made with velvet, damask paper and is one of my favorite elements.

We invite you in for this midnight affair and hope it leaves you with goosebumps. Beware, we caught a ghost in one of the photos. Can you spot him?

Photography by: The Pixel Studio

Vintage Prop Pieces by: Found Vintage Rentals

Cookies by: Sophie Hogarth

Cake by: Rebecca Lehman

Design, styling, paper goods and other desserts by: Sweets Indeed


I know we’re a little late in posting but we just had to share. We attended Hitched! This ultra hip bridal and wedding showcase event was held at the Smog Shoppe. If anyone is getting married or looking for a place to have a party, check it out. This was so neat!! It’s a creative person’s dream come true because the natural beauty lends a palette for any type of theme.

The indoor/outdoor space was decorated with beautiful pieces of vintage furniture from one of our favorites, Jeni at Found Vintage Rentals. Check out her blog here for updates on new pieces. (Photo below via Plurabelle.) Love the new pink backed couch.

The event was hosted by the women behind Bash, Please and Urbanic Papers.  And what an event it was!! There were so many fun and exciting things to look at, we are sure the brides to be were in heaven. The Bluegrass Hoppers greeted quests with their fun sounds and upbeat music. Beautiful paperie displays by Urbanic and Snippet and Ink and Calligraphy by Plurabelle were stunning. (Photos via Plurabelle.)

There were four very different, gorgeous mock table set ups, each from a different designer. The following photos are by Sarah Yates & Jack Wittbold from Sarah Yates Photography via Green Wedding Shoes.

Jesi Haack incorporated otter pops and used tin cans to create my personal favorite, a fabulous hanging table decor.

The table from Bash, Please had a cute, rustic chic feel to it. Love the lantern and driftwood.

Of course we loved the use of rock candy on this table by Sweet Emilia Jane.

The colorful yarn and linen choice from Sitting in a Tree Events‘s table was perfection.

We got a chance to check out some DIY projects from Green Wedding Shoes.

We met the gals behind 100 Layer Cake. Their hanging fabric chandelier was to die for. You can get a diy tutorial here! Below are photos taken from the 100 Layer Cake blog.

Them we enjoyed an amazing vintage fashion show styled by Summer of Grey Likes, featuring dresses by Michelle Rahn. The bouquet shown in the photo below (of one of the dresses) is by Dandelion Ranch. Stunning accessories by Lo Boheme and Untamed Petals completed the looks. (Photos by Sarah Yates Photography via Green Wedding Shoes)

We certainly can’t forget to mention the delicious eats that were being served up throughout the night. I am still craving the AMAZING food that Matt with Heirloom LA provided. The presentation was superb and the flavor…unbelievable. So, so good. The photo below was pulled from their blog. The salmon, UNREAL!

Of course we have a major sweet tooth so we HAD to try some cupcakes from Enjoy Cupcakes. I have been a fan of theirs for quite some time now. The flavors that they create are truly unique and scrumptious. Dare I admit to having one of each – ginger lime chardonnay, chocolate blackberry syrah, creme brulee, chocolate cheesecake, dark chocolate salted caramel & dipped blondie. More, please! Photos via Enjoy Cupcakes.

Guests also had fun filling goodies bags, putting their mark on a large paint by number from Bash, Please, popping into The Smilebooth for some fun photos, and gettin’ their groove on to music by The Flashdance DJ. BEST DJ EVER! It was truly a blast. (via Green Wedding Shoes and 100 Layer Cake)

I am sure the ladies behind this spectacular event are already planning the next one. Don’t miss out!

Haunted Victorian Halloween Shoot – Sneak Peek

We’ve been M.I.A lately and apologize for the lack in posts. Lots of exciting things are happening and we are loving this sweet ride that we are on. One event that we are honored to be a part of, is Operation Shower. We will be sending Sweet Skewers to Operation Shower and encourage YOU to get involved in giving back to those who help keep us safe on a daily basis. This doesn’t just mean military personnel but teachers, nurses, doctors, bus drivers, and many, many others. Take time out to say “thank you” and please… GET INVOLVED! Stay tuned for a post dedicated to Operation Shower’s “A Star is Born” October event.

In between making Sweet Skewers, planning parties, prepping for the holidays, and getting creative, we just finished our first Halloween Sweet Station. We wanted to create a victorian wedding meets haunted mansion vibe and I have to say, this is our favorite set up yet. Complete with custom invitation and paper goods, props from Found Vintage Rentals (of course!) and a custom cake by the talented gem, Rebecca Lehman…. here’s a little peek into our shoot photographed by the fabulous The Pixel Studio.

Don’t forget to reserve your Halloween Sweet Skewers here. They’re going fast!

There are a lot more photos to come so stay tuned!

“Fly Away With Me” Dessert station

Our hot air balloon inspired dessert station was featured on Amy Atlas Events yesterday! Of course we are ecstatic as we have the utmost respect for her and the fact that she has truly put stylized dessert stations on the map. She IS fabulous. That being said, we wanted to share the full shoot with you.

The Pixel Studio photographed our dessert station, capturing all the details and placing a vintage feel to the photos. We love the artsy shots as well! We also HAD to use some fabulous pieces from Found Vintage Rentals. We love props and try to use them whenever we can. Found Vintage Rentals is our #1 place to go!

We wanted this station to encompass the feeling that love is in the air, and we are all surrounded by it. Babies are being born, couples are falling in love, and there is always a reason to celebrate. We were inspired by vintage hot air balloon’s and summer travels and incorporated these into design elements.

For desserts we chose peach parfaits, banana pudding dessert shots, vanilla bean whoopie pies, strawberry cookies, creme puffs, and white meringue clouds. The homemade devils food cake topped with buttercream frosting became a focal point and of course, Vanilla Bake Shop provided the orange passion fruit and green mint french macarons. Delish!


Sweet Shoppe Candy Station

We are very excited about our new line of Signature Sweet Stations and wanted to give you a peek at what we are working on. Our Signature line will provide an array of all inclusive custom package designs for both candy and dessert stations at an affordable price. We started with our Sweet Shoppe Collection and will branch out to include popular themed stations like the princess party, train station, woodland theme, and many others.

So without further adieu, we introduce our Sweet Shoppe Collection! This collection will allow you to choose from 6 different interchangeable color options and will include the following coordinating items; backdrop, awning, tablecloth, signage, candy or dessert tags, guest take-away’s, color coordinated edibles, and some prop/decor items. From birthdays to engagement parties, the Sweet Shoppe Collection fits a wide array of color palettes and themes.

For this station, we used some of our favorite pieces from Found Vintage Rentals. We love the vintage blue scale and shelf. We think props, especially cute, vintage ones are THE perfect addition to any Sweet Station and we use them whenever we can!

We will be posting photos of color options and more details later this week. What would you use your Sweet Shoppe for?

All photos courtesy of Shannon Dannettelle of The Pixel Studio. Thank you, Shannon!