Operation Sunshine Farms

What an honor to be part of something so precious! I grew up with such appreciation and admiration for our military men and women. These courageous people make daily sacrifices beyond any that the average American can fathom. I always joked that I would never date a military man because I just wasn’t the type that could handle the distance and worry. To that, I am impressed with the poise and strength that these women carry as they go through the most monumental moments of their life. For those of you that are moms, you know the journey one goes through during pregnancy, birth and the joyous lack of sleep that comes along with having a newborn. Now imagine doing all that without your spouse there for all or part of that journey AND worrying if he’ll come home. I couldn’t imagine and to that…I give HUGE props. THANK YOU for all that you do. THANK YOU!

The above is just one of the reasons why I loved bringing some sweetness to this adorable baby shower. I believe in what organizations like Operation Shower and March of Dimes are doing and the people behind the scenes are phenomenal people. This particular shower was held at the Torrey Pines Golf Course during the Farmers Insurance Open. The setting…stunning. The staff associated with each one of these organizations…top notch.

Photography by: Widyn Photography Taken from the Operation Shower Blog.

The remaining photos were shot and edited by: The Pixel Studio

I had donated Sweet Skewers to Operation Shower before and when the lovely Amy from Stem Parties said they were coming to San Diego, I knew I wanted to be there and do more.

To top it off, the amazingly talented Jen of Hostess with the Mostess would be creating the branding and decor for the event, and Heavenly Blooms was providing beautiful floral arrangements. What a dream team! When I first received an idea board and the beginning drafts of the “paper goods” from Jen, I was blown away. She just gets it! This made our “job” easier as we used all of her creations and morphed them into items for the Sweet Station. I have to say this again…it was such a  fun project!! I even got to meet Paper and Cake who so graciously volunteered and posted about the event here. There were so many fabulous people!

There were so many talented, creative, giving people behind this event and to say it warmed my heart watching all the volunteers, is really an understatement. Here is THE WHAT, THE HOW, and THE WHY behind this event. Please visit the Stem Parties blog for a recap as well. Here and Here.  You don’t want to miss anything!!!

On our end, we would not be able to give back without the donations we receive from some SUPER sweet vendors. We love these people tremendously and were blown away by THEIR willingness to give.

When I knew the theme was Sunshine Farms, I instantly thought…we HAVE to see if we can get our hand on some prop pieces from Found Vintage Rentals. I am in LOVE with Found as they have a plethora of amazing pieces that can be used for any theme. Having the right add-on’s truly take any design over the top. They were extremely generous to donate not only the pieces for the dessert station, but tables for the spread provided by Whole Foods, pails and chalkboards used as decor, and lots of additional items that you just HAVE to have when throwing a farm party.  It would not have been the same without their collection and we are truly grateful. My favorite part? The vintage wine rack which we used to place custom popcorn cones in. I cannot wait to use this again! Thank you Found Vintage Rentals!!!

Now on to the desserts!  Vanilla Bake Shop and their delicious Southern Banana Pudding dessert shots were a huge hit. You haven’t had banana pudding the way they do it and it is SO GOOD and SO addicting! They generously donated all the dessert shots to this event and I loved watching the guests take their first bite. Many people haven’t seen dessert shots yet and let me tell you..I saw some with 2-3 in their hands. It’s safe to say, they LOVED them. Vanilla Bake Shop is local to Santa Monica. You can stop by and enjoy everything from specialty cakes and cupcakes to french macarons. Thank you Vanilla Bake Shop!!!

My latest indulgence is fudge. When it comes to fudge, no one makes it quite like Jewel Of The Lion. She ships nationwide and has a huge assortment of gourmet flavors. She donated my absolute favorite flavor, strawberry cheesecake, and they were perfect! We placed little flag toppers in each one and displayed them in pie tins. It was a challenge to not allow someone to walk away with the whole tin full! Thank you Jewel Of The Lion!!!

Pies. I have a feeling pies are going to be “the thing” this year. Last year we had a craze of cake pops and this year…pies take the cake. I was introduced to a true gem in Porch Pies. I had never had a buttermilk pie before and OH MY GOODNESS I am sold. Porch pies not only donated mini buttermilk and chocolate pies, they provided our take home gifts for each mommy-to-be as well. They were a huge hit and so, so yummy. Thank you Porch Pies!!!

I always have to have a “mascot” for our tables. I tend to sneak in a butterfly, or some other little creature and this adorable, adorable cow stole my heart. She just warmed the table and made me smile each time I saw her. Half Baked Co. are the masterminds behind mouthwatering gluten free cakes, cutie cakes and more. You’re in luck because they deliver locally in Los Angeles and ship nationwide! Due to a mishap along the way, the full cake didn’t make it onto the table BUT the detailing and time they put into our little mascot did not go unnoticed. She was quite the talk of the table. Thank you Half Baked Co.!!!

What’s a dessert station without some yummy cupcakes? Nothing! We love HeavenScent Cakes. She created the stunning purple lace cake for our Halloween station and is a local favorite. There are a lot of cupcakeries and we are extremely picky. Her flavors, ingredients, and talent make her stand out. They are always perfectly moist, and extremely tasty. Pure perfection in a cupcake. HeavenScent Cakes generously donated all of the mini cupcakes and there was not a single one left. We topped each one with their own little animal buddy and placed them in egg cartons. This is my new favorite way to display cupcakes. You are truly Heaven Scent!!!

Last but not least…how cute are those cookies?!? Rizza Raglin, a pastry chef in San Diego must have been up for days hand piping each cookie to match the overall look and feel of the event. Not only were they detailed and so cute…they were the perfect sugar cookie. Sweet and soft down to the last bite. Rizza individually packaged each cookie so that guests could take them home as well. I’m not sure if any made it past the shower because people were grabbing handfuls. DELISH!!! Thank you Rizza!!!

There were so many details to this event that I loved and it was so precious seeing the newborn babies and pregger moms being showered with love and gifts. If you would like to donate to this amazing organization, please go to Operation Shower If you are interested in donating sweets as part of a future Sweet Station styled by Sweets Indeed, please contact info@sweetsindeed.com We will continue to work with Operation Shower on future events.

Baby BAM

I had the pleasure of working with Jen Hawtrey on a baby shower for her dear friend. The theme, Baby BAM, was inspired by the initials of the future dad and mom. How cute is that?

Jen handmade all of the desserts and we tried out our new backdrop stand for the first time. Welcome to the Sweets Indeed family, Jen. We are blessed to have you!

Aryn’s Baby Shower

My dear best friends are both preggers and due within 2 weeks of each other. I couldn’t be more thrilled and cannot wait for babies! I hosted Aryn’s shower with the help of my momma and friends. We used our tabletop awning for her candy station and stuck to a simple chocolate and pink color palette.