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I am so excited to share this post with you. We were honored to be a sponsor at the first annual Plush show at the Vibiana in Los Angeles this past weekend and it was so much fun! I knew from the first contact with Jina and her team that this was going to be like no other “baby” show. Just the name, Plush-The Posh Little Urbanites Show, says it all. Jina is a mom herself and is very up to date on all the latest trends, best baby gear and fabulous children’s products. Plush showcased the top vendors in the belly, baby and toddler industry and there were a slew of amazing products on hand for guests to purchase at fabulous discounted rates.

We met some amazing vendors, fans, and made lots of new friends. Check out Petit Nest, Project Nursery, Layla Grace, Fresh Chick Design Studio, Little Crown Interiors, Oopsy Daisy, The Pump Station, and the Plush blog for more posts on vendors who were there and photos from the event. I didn’t get a chance to photograph other set-ups but let me tell you, there were some adorable designs out there and some killer products!

We decided to use this opportunity to give a sneak peek into a whole new children’s line that we are launching. We have been working round the clock on our new online store and will be offering lots of Sweets Indeed originals to everyone! This Circus station is the first of what we like to call “Party Stations”. It is a candy buffet station with non-edible treats as well. The perfect balance of sweets and take-home treats.

We worked with a phenomenal illustrator, Sophie Hogarth, who came up with the original Circus characters. These characters and some fabulous fabric patterns became our inspiration. From popcorn boxes, lion tamers taffy, and pinwheel fabric favor boxes to clown noses and funny photo prop pieces, this table was a hit with parent and kids alike!

A special thank you to the following companies for helping to make our table and giveaway’s a success. My absolute favorite candy supplier, provided all the candy for the take-away boxes and table. They are truly your one stop shop for all things sweet and they’ll ship anywhere! Tom Clark Confections donated the delicious gourmet popcorn. You can purchase direct from their site.  Vanilla Bake Shop created the amazing cakes! I am always impressed with how they coordinate with our vision. My fav!

We will be offering complete party packages in our new online store so check back soon! For now, you can purchase individual items through our etsy shop.

We hope you enjoy the show!!

All photography by The Pixel Studio.

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