August 10th, 2010

On Saturday we put together a little train themed sweet station. My partner in sweets son turned 4! He is a cutie patutie and is truly obsessed with trains. If he hears the word “train” or anything related, he comes running. Since he loves real trains, we knew we didn’t want it to be your typical bright “Thomas” themed colors. We decided to center it around some vintage paper and use the wooden fence as a natural backdrop. The majority of the kids were younger so we wanted to add in some healthier snacks and non-edible items. The mini train whistles, Chugga Chews and beautiful fruit display were among my personal favorites.

We made chocolate chip cake pops (a huge favorite), vanilla cupcakes, and puffed rice treats on sticks. Inspired by Pizzazzerie’s cupcake skewers, we added baking cups under our puffed rice treats and LOVED the functionality of it. It’s the perfect crumb catcher!

We also used some of the birthday boys antique trains and conductor hat as decor items. Such a fun, simple way of creating a more customized dessert station.

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